Guidelines for viewing at Indian Hill

  • We have a front gate that we keep locked when no one is present. This is a combination lock, so if you want to use Indian Hill on your own, see a club officer for the combination to open it.

  • If you are the last one to leave Indian Hill, it is your responsibility to shut and lock the gate.

  • The observatories are also locked when no is present at the hill. See a club officer for how to access the observatories and how to turn on the electricity.

  • Most of the time the club’s telescopes are free to use at any time, just see the Observatory Director, a club officer, for instructions before you them for the first time. The main exceptions to this are for monthly meetings and star parties where they might be used as community telescopes.

  • Generally when the telescopes are being used for visual observing anyone there is always invited to look through them, they just have to get in line and wait their turn.

  • If you have a special need for a telescope, such as for astrophotography where others cannot view through it, the telescopes are usually then on a first come first serve basis. If you can, send out a club wide e-mail or use our bulletin board for letting others know that the telescope will be in use at such and such time.

  •  If you are the last one using the observatory make sure that the telescopes and equipment are put away, the observatories roofs are closed, the electricity is off and the building doors are shut and locked.

  • We have an out-house at Indian Hill next to the tool shed. The toilet paper is usually kept in a plastic container off to the side. When electricity is on in the observatory there should be a light on inside. Else bring a flash light.

  • Telephones are located in the Warm Room, Main Observatory, Dome and North Observatory.

  • We have a kerosene heater in the Warm Room for those cold viewing nights.

  • When the ground is “soft”, please do not drive on any grass area.

  • There are two cement pads and an electrical outlets located just south of the main drive to Indian Hill. The use of these are on a first come, first serve bases.

  • Telescopes can also be setup in a field south of the parking area leading up to Indian Hill. There are two electrical posts located about ½ way down this field on the left hand side.

  • It can get very dewy at times, so it is a good idea to have some type of dew removal system for your telescopes.

  • Telescopes can also be setup on top of Indian Hill.

  • On non-meeting or non-star party nights, it is usually OK just to drive up to hill and park up there when the ground is hard. When an event is going on at Indian Hill, please don’t park on top of hill. You can always get there early and drop off your telescope and park in the field below.