The Telescopes at Indian Hill

16 inch

16 inch "Stokes"Newtonian Reflector 

The first telescope installed at Indian Hill.  A 16 inch F7 classical Newtonian Reflector on a German Equatorial Mount. Computer controlled, electric focuser, GO-TO with autoguider capabilities.

14 inch Celestron

14 inch Schmidt Cassigrain

Thanks to a very generous donation from the Aurora Astronomical Society. The Celestron has a 356mm (14 inch) primary, in an Aluminum Optical Tube with a 3910mm (f/11) focal length. That makes it the telescope with the longest focal length at Indian Hill (the 16 inch “only” has a 2845 focal length). However, thanks to the “folded optics” design of a Schmidt-Cassegrain, the optical tube is just 787 mm (31 inches) long.





12 inch Schmidt-Cassigrain

Meade LX200 GPS Schmidt-Cassigrain
Guide scope with DSI autoguider

Used for visual and photometry


10inch Schmidt Newtonian

10 inch Schmidt-Newtonian

F4 Schmidt Newtonian on a Celestron CGE Mount. Primarilary used  for Astrophotography.